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  • Portfolio by client: Fysio Experts

Portfolio by client: Fysio Experts

Fysio Experts

FysioExperts, a group of physiotherapists in Zoetermeer asked my former employer Intrige to create a new website to provide their clients with better info and improve customer loyalty.

This was a team project, my key roles for this account involved;

  • account
  • creative concept
  • creative direction
  • design choices
  • technical concept
  • technical development
Fysio Experts

Project details

Fysio Experts


Fysio Experts is a group of four physiotherapy practices which are all part of Stichting Georganiseerde eerstelijnszorg Zoetermeer

A new law in the Netherlands allowed patients to seek medical assistence from a physio therapist without the need of a doctor's referral. This meant that practices had to change their mindset and start thinking commercially to try and create goodwill and customer loyalty.

A new, less 'medical looking', corporate identity was created and at Intrige we were asked to come up with a new website.


As head of the project and together with the designer I came up with the concept which resulted in the Fysio Experts website. The comon theme throughout the website is transparency and openess at a personal level.

Where information sharing was uncommon for physiotherapist the new website provides as much information as possible. Therapists are introduced on a personal level which allows for patients to get aquinted. Also a way for patients to ventilate their opinion or ideas was implemented.

In this project I had a shared responsibility for concept and design choices and was fully responsible for the technical concept and website development (front/back) in the open source content management system Drupal.


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