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Portfolio by tag: banner

Koningin Sophia Vereeniging tot Bescherming van Dieren

During my time at Intrige the Sophia Vereeniging wasn't one of my main accounts but I have been involved on some projects mostly for conceptual work. 

The Sophia projects were both team and solo projects, my roles for this account involved;

  • creative concept
  • creative direction
  • copywriting
  • design / design choices
  • technical concept
  • technical development
Koningin Sophia Vereeniging tot Bescherming van Dieren

Project details

Koningin Sophia Vereeniging tot Bescherming van Dieren


The Koningin Sophia Vereeniging tot Bescherming van Dieren or Sophia Vereeniging for short, is an animal rights charity organization. Since 1867 the have been dedicated to prevent animal cruelty trough means of education and lobbying for better regulation and inspection.


Besides the wensite that was also developed by Intrige most of the projects for the Sophia Vereeniging involved ad-hoc and low budget mini campaigns for which I often was involved in the conceptual process or for small copywriting work.

Most of these projects were a team effort, some a solo project. For instance for a campaign on the Dutch profile website (similar to Facebook) I concepted, designed and provided copywriting for a series of banners in which neglected animals where the main subject.

For an SMS sign-up campaign I developed a module that allowed donators to sign up with a unique code sent by SMS text message.


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