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Portfolio by tag: secure forms

Stichting Georganiseerde eerstelijnszorg Zoetermeer

Stichting Georganiseerde eerstelijnszorg Zoetermeer (SGZ) set out to be Zoetermeer's primary health care guide and asked my former employer Intrige to help in reaching this goal.

This was a team project, my key roles involved;

  • account
  • creative concept
  • creative direction
  • design choices
  • technical concept
  • technical development
Stichting Georganiseerde eerstelijnszorg Zoetermeer

Project details

Stichting Georganiseerde eerstelijnszorg Zoetermeer


SGZ is an organization which supports and connects various providers of primary health care such as doctors, birth attendants, physical therapists, dieticians, etc. thereby becoming the compass for people in need of healthcare.

As their previous website was in need of an overhaul SGZ asked my former employer Intrige to come up with a new website.


The primary goal of the website was to provide health care patients an easy way to find their direction through the maze of health care. The secondary goal was to accommodate the health care practices an online stage through which they could provide their patients with news, further information and a secure repeat prescription request form. The latter would help dramatically to lower work pressure from assistants.

As head of the project and together with the account manager, designer and the project manager I came up with the concept which resulted in;  a Google maps integrated health care compass with affiliate websites functionality¹ generating tens of thousands monthly hits.

Some examples;


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